Destination Wedding Photographer and Photoshoot in Florence & Tuscany


I am Antonio, a professional wedding photographer based in Tuscany.
Among all the top wedding destinations, Tuscany with its beautiful countryside and wonderful cities is one of the most desired destinations by brides and grooms from all over the world.


Hiring a professional wedding photographer in Tuscany

I’ve a long professional experience in international and multicultural weddings.
I focus equally on exquisite details, documenting real moments as they happen, and guiding couples into relaxed and natural poses.
Making you feel comfortable in front of my lens is essential for capturing spontaneous and expressive photos. For this, I give the right importance to the human, professional and aesthetic aspects. I love both Black and White and Pastel Colors.

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Your wedding photographer in Florence, Siena, Pisa, Lucca and Tuscany countryside


Engagement session in Tuscany

Before the big day or independently of it, I also offer couple sessions and engagement sessions in Tuscany. The duration of such a session can vary from few hours to an entire day.
A couple photoshoot can be very romantic and useful at the same time because it is during these times spent together that you will learn to feel comfortable with my me and my good mood.
You may choose to have your images taken with different clothes, to benefit from a make-up artist, to adjust your hairstyle and enjoy the splendid scenarios that the cities of this region offer.

Luxury wedding albums and books

I reserve a special quote to the wonderful albums of my collection: you have the possibility to personalize the cover by choosing among many materials and colors as well as to mix different high quality papers. For helping you to decide which material better fits your expectations, I will be pleased to show you the timeless beauty of wood, the elegance of plexiglass, the contemporaneity of aluminum and the sobriety of leather. To make all this possible, I am supported by the most talented and passionate artisans and artists who treat each of your photos like a masterpiece with the goal of sublimating each image.

Moreover, for getting an overview of my work, few days later each photo session, a secure online gallery is opened so that you can share the images among your friends and family. Unlike other photographers, I give you every image from your day, you have full printing rights and can build albums, make prints, and keep all of the digital files safe at no extra cost
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Wedding film

For couples who wish to have a wedding movie, I collaborate with handful of talented videographers who propose to make a cinematography style film of your wedding.

More information about my team and me

I consider the wedding photographer as the best job I could dreamt of. It is thanks to this work that I have been able to meet great couples, share such important moments in their lives so rich in emotion, visit some of the most wonderful locations and develop my creativity. The experience gained in over ten years has taught me to anticipate important moments, to blend in with guests to immortalize gestures, the bursts of laughter, tears, moments of celebration.

I’ve been recognized in many print publications I’m devoted to my art, but I value my client’s experience and the impact of my work above all.
I apply the same principles and savoir-faire I have developed for my signature wedding photography to my work with major fashion houses, editorial partners.
Supported by one or more shooter assistants, we are always well dressed, we make the bride and groom and the guests feel comfortable, and that in several languages: French, English, Italian.
All my cameras have a double memory card, I work mainly with fixed lenses with very large aperture. I use both film and digital cameras.

And you? Tell me about your dream wedding, your expectations, the photos you would like me to take.

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