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Puglia Wedding Photographer – Antonio Matera

Less known than other Italian wedding destinations, Puglia is just for few. For decades this region has been preserved from the mass of tourists and visitors. Nowadays its unique and spectacular villages open to an exclusive clientele wishing to discover authentic treasures offered by nature.

Whether you are planning to ger married in Puglia or having your engagement photography session in one of the amazing sites of this region, I will be pleased to accompany you during the days of your stay here.

I am Antonio, an Italian wedding photographer with the passion for capturing the true essence of lovers. I started being a wedding photographer at the age of 20 and I am still learning. This subject of study always seems in processJ.

What I can do for you

Getting to know you and making you feel comfortable is a big part of my work . This allows me to deliver authentic images, touching, crazy, beautiful emotions to relive through the years and share with family and friends.

Supported by one or more shooter assistants, we are always well dressed, we make the bride, the groom, family and guests at ease, and that in several languages: English, French, Italian.

Couple and engagement photography sessions in Puglia are additional services you may be interested in. I know how exciting is to prepare your wedding and to take a break while discovering corners and landscapes of your wedding destination can be a unique experience to share with your half. I propose different packages starting from 2 hours up to an entire shooting day.

I am aware that each wedding is unique. Therefore, I customize the offer according to your preferences. From few hours to many days, alone or with the support of one or more different assistant shooter(s), you can choose what is the best for your D-day.

What we recommend

Be yourself while having this photography experience is my only recommendation. Clothes that make you feel comfortable and accessories such as a nice hat, your engagement ring or your original shoes are welcome. Golden hours, after the sunshine and before sunset, offer the best light for shooting.

That said my team and I also love playing with shadows during the rest of the day which means that we are quite flexible about sites and hours.

Whatever season you have chosen to celebrate your wedding, each image will be faithfully sublimated taking into account the colors and the atmosphere of your day.

Handmade albums

Among the wedding photo services I propose, I reserve a special mention to production of albums: paper, cover, size, color, finishing touches, all can be customized. You can choose the timeless beauty of wood, the modern elegance of plexiglass, the contemporaneity of aluminum or the sobriety of leather. To make all of this possible, I surrounded myself with the most talented and passionate artisans and artists who treat each of your images like masterpieces with the goal of enhancing each photography.

Contact me today for asking more questions and check availabilities.



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