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Award winning destination wedding photographer in paris


My name is Antonio and I am a wedding photographer working in Paris, its region and all over in France.

I consider being a wedding photographer to be the best job I could dream. It is thanks to this work that I have been able to meet great couples, share such important moments of their lives so rich in emotion, visit some of the most magnificent places, push my creativity. The experience acquired in more than ten years has taught me to anticipate important moments, to blend in with the guests to immortalize the gestures, the bursts of laughter, the tears, the moments of celebration.

The wedding photo is constantly evolving and this gives me great motivation to develop the technique, my eye and my know-how.

Supported by one or more shooter assistants, we are always well dressed, we make the bride and groom family and guests at ease, and that in several languages: French, English, Italian.

All my cameras have a dual memory card, I work mainly with fixed lenses with very large aperture apertures and I switch between different types of light: ambient, flash, colored, light painting, continuous light.

Connecting with you makes me part of this amazing moment.
After all, it is important to click with people than to click the shutter!


What to expect on the D-day?


I am aware that your wish is to stay as long as possible with your guests and not by posing. Therefore, over the years I have implemented a timing as simple as it is effective: while spontaneous photos taken on the spot for most of the day will characterize a good part of my work, we will spend together just the time to take advantage of the different lights, highlight the details and sublimate each context that arises.


Couple and engagement session in Paris


Do you wish to explore Paris as fiancés and have an amazing memories of your stay?  In this case think about a couple session or engagement sessions in Paris and its surroundings for the entire day or just few hours, can be great choice. As a Paris wedding photographer, I’ve had the chance to browse and discover the best places as well as the prettiest corners for a magnificent Paris couple photo session.

A couple session can be very romantic and useful at the same time because it is during these times spent together that you will learn to feel comfortable in front of the camera.

You will have the opportunity to change your clothes, get your makeup done, adjust your hairstyle while exploring the City of Lights.


Timeless and Original album


Among the wedding photo services offered of which I am very proud, I reserve a special mention to production of albums: paper, cover, size, color, finishing touches, all can be customized. You can choose the timeless beauty of wood, the modern elegance of plexiglass, the contemporaneity of aluminum or the sobriety of leather. To make all of this possible, I surrounded myself with the most talented and passionate artisans and artists who treat each of your images like masterpieces with the goal of enhancing each photography.



I would love to hear about you, your wedding, what you love, your expectations.

Contact me to discover more about offerings and services.

Looking forward to hearing from you.




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