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Unique landscapes, amazing venues, exceptional weddings: discover lake of Como as top luxury wedding destination.


I am Antonio, an Italian wedding photographer with the passion for capturing the true essence of lovers. I started being a wedding photographer at the age of 20 and I am still learning. This subject of study always seems in process.

I am a father, a husband and a dreamer with a predilection for timeless, airy and spontaneous photographs. Thanks to my work I have had the chance to meet international and multicultural couples, visit exclusive venues while capturing moments with great sensitivity, attention and love.


Antonio Matera Wedding photography
Lake of Como

Photography services

I am aware that each wedding is unique. Therefore, I customize the offer according to your preferences. From few hours to many days, alone or with the support of one or more different assistant shooter(s), you can choose what is the best for your D-day. Moreover, you have the possibility to select the style of the album, with a multitude of papers , have a great video which includes the best moments of the wedding, take the advantage of the last generation mirror photo booth. Fun, elegant and with a customizable decor, my new mirror-shaped photo booths, are easy to use and very intuitive.
My employees deliver and install the selfie mirror well before your guests arrive, we animate for the duration of the evening and we uninstall all our equipment at the end.

What to expect on the D-day?

I am convinced that your wish is to stay as long as possible with your family and friends and not by posing. For this reason, I have implemented over the years an easy and simple way to operate: while spontaneous and natural photos taken on the spot for most of the time will characterise a good part of my work, just handful of minutes are required for more classic and timeless images. By doing this, we can also take advantage of the different lights, sublimate the different corners of the venue and decoration while shooting more artistic photos.

Materaphotography lake of Como
Lake of Como

You deserve nothing but the best

I consider being a wedding photographer to be the best job I could dream. It is thanks to this work that I have been able to meet great couples, share such important moments of their lives so rich in emotion, visit some of the most magnificent places, push my creativity. The experience acquired in more than ten years has taught me to anticipate important moments, to blend in with the guests to immortalize the gestures, the bursts of laughter, the tears, the moments of celebration.
The wedding photo is constantly evolving and this gives me great motivation to develop the technique, my eye and my know-how.
Supported by one or more shooter assistants, we are always well dressed, we put the bride and groom and the guests at ease, and that in several languages: French, English, Italian.
All my cameras have a dual memory card, I work mainly with fixed lenses with very large aperture apertures and I switch between different types of light: ambient, flash, coloured, light painting, continuous light.

For more information about my offering, you can contact me. I will be please to answer all your questions.

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