The importance of the engagement photo session

The importance of the engagement photo session


An engagement session has a lot a pros. Here below you will find a short list of the advantages of the engagement session.

  • To feel comfortable in front of a camera
  • When and where to organize the session
  • Ho to prepare it
  • What to wear


Get to know your photographer and get comfortable with him and his camera.

In my entire career I have rarely had couples who loved and felt comfortable in front of a camera. On the contrary the first statement I often hear is: “I like taking pictures, but I feel uncomfortable to be photographed”. Starting on this premise, it was clear to me that I needed to reassure my clients and make them get used to my presence as photographer.  It is crucial that you feel confident and comfortable with your photographer which implies that the engagement photo session is a key element of your wedding preparations.

The Materaphotography team gives a lot of importance to moments of intimacy and closeness between the team and you. It happens that the groom or the bride do not feel comfortable at first, our goal is really to help breaking the ice, and give you some advice for placing your body and looking at the camera. From the numerous edited photographs, we will send you, you will define which image style you wish to see for the big day. The engagement session should be considered as a rehearsal to release the stress.


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When to organize the engagement session?

The couple photo session is usually organized a couple of months or weeks before the D-Day, the goal is to do it at a time when the future spouses are not overwhelmed by the last wedding preparations yet. Doing it in a quiet time will give you the chance to enjoy the engagement session free from stress. Some couples use these pictures for papery, wedding decoration or simply to have nice memories. However, the most important aspect of this time we spend together is the way we play, the tips I give you to sublimate the photos, the knowledge about what you like and, above all, what you hate. That said, you can decide to have your engagement session also according to your favorite season: some of my clients adore the fall while other prefer the spring or also the winter.  On average an engagement session takes three / four hours. Different contexts and clothes, a big dose of empathy and good mood are the main ingredients for an amazing engagement session.

Where will the engagement session take place and how long will it be?

That’s important to select venues or places that you like or are symbolic to you, where you met for the first time and where you proposed, for example. We usually recommend two or three places indoor and outdoor like countryside or in the city whether it takes place in spring or in fall. In case you are missing inspiration, the Materaphotography team always has a secret destination to offer you. We usually spend between three and four hours together.

Materaphotography engagement photo session

Which outfits to wear for an engagement session?

Make yourself happy! You can pick-up all the outfits you wish, formal and casual and change during the session. If you wish you can also use fashion accessories, hats and even bow ties. Anyway, I am available for advising you a couple of days before if you feel the need. Keep in mind that those pictures can be printed in an engagement album so you can revive in few months or year the same emotions and feelings

In a word, the engagement photo session will offer you the chance to rehearse for the D-Day and have fun with your photographer!














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